That Which You Cannot Undo - uraneia
*Note: fanfiction review*
It's fun, and an AU fusion of one of my favourite movies! It also includes a few new aspects (much appreciated). I mean,
who doesn't love literal lightening inducing sex! No one, that's who. Oh, and a bit o' knotting, but blink and you miss it.
(show spoiler)
It also followed the same basic plot of the film, which is pretty much expected with movie-fusion fics, although I found the ending almost too abrupt? 
I think you'd actually have a lot of fun reading this if you haven't seen Practical Magic, then again I think you'd have some fun reading it if you have. 
I certainly enjoyed it. I just wanted more... something! A little more Practical Magic! Maybe...
& a drunk creepy Peter singing "You Were Always On My Mind" while taking a piss! idk, I just want...