Eat, Knot, Love - Pandabomb

*Note: fanfiction review*

Whoa that's a lot of work, I mean sex.  

Derek has his work cut out for him, and who doesn't love a Derek who is willing to bend over (hah!) backwards for his Stiles.
It's abo; so we've got our typical mess, angst and a stamina no real man possesses. Plus Knotting. So. Much. Knotting.

Eat, Knot, Love; the story basically as it progresses, interchanges between past and present. Which I enjoyed, but might throw some off at first. We jump between Derek and Stiles pre-heat courting, then straight back into the action of Stiles heat, and back again. Great if you are looking for a fic that heads straight into the sexy stuff, but still gives you something a widdle more story driven. It's a little OOC at times, maybe? (but rem, they are both very young in this + non-canon world, abo AU), but that's very rarely ever bothered me before in these situations. It also has a slightly different approach to abo heats, which was cool. I enjoyed the Errand extra in Derek's pov a lot too (again, Derek working hard (hah!) for our Stiles). This is a great smut-read excuse with more story than most, and that's it really, but the combination really made this a abo fic to eat up in one sitting.