There is a Brotherhood - minusoneday

*Note: fanfiction review*

This review and rating is kinda more for both parts together.

The Noble Tie That Binds, part 1&2
Man, I loved this adorable college fic about silly young people doing stupid things, whilst falling all over themselves into something like love. Seriously,

Perfection? Yet to have found such a thing. Mind-blowing? Nope, not here.
My five stars are for my pure unadulterated 100% enjoyment!
Separately, I'd probably give them both 4 stars each.
I think I have a weakness for teen/ya Sterek fics....naaah, I know I do.

Plus there is

hot cosplaying Spider-man & Wolverine porn!!!

What? This cute pic not do it for ya?

These better? Well, it does things for me, so many things...
You also get to read about round two when ya read Derek's pov!

Btw, am the only one who actually thought the butter thing was a dangerous prank?

(show spoiler)

This fic is all easy fun, cuteness, stupidity and pining, and therefore perfect for a quick, simple, but enjoyable read.
Turn elsewhere for your complex plot fic desires, or your heavy angst fic fix you masochists, you!
I recommend you read both parts back-to-back to fully enjoy this (IMO).
Oh & Stiles portrayal was just fab.

His life is terrible, everything is terrible, and now he is stuck here, gazing out across an expanse of filled-to-the-brim plastic cups.

“I hate everything,” he mutters.

“God, Allison’s beautiful,” Scott sighs.

“I hate you, too.”

“Do you think she likes me?”


“I think maybe she likes me - she waved to me, when she left!”


“I think I’m going to try to get her number.”

“You disgust me.”

(show spoiler)

...shut up, Scott.