Phil Coulson's Case Files of the Toasterverse - scifigrl47
My status and ratings (14/17):
*Phil Coulson is Not the Avengers' Public Relations Manager ★★★½
*Phil Coulson Does Not Bake (and The Avengers Do Not Shop At IKEA Anymore) ★★★½
*Phil Coulson Is Not a SHIELD Recruiter (Except for Special Cases) ★★★★
*Phil Coulson Can't Keep the Avengers Out of Medical ★★★★
*SHIELD Has Paperwork for Everything ★★★★½
*Phil Coulson Does Not Take Attendance ★★★★
*Phil Coulson Is Not the Avengers' Matchmaker (Or Their Style Consultant) ★★★ 
*Ghosts of Christmas Memory ★★★½
*Phil Coulson Doesn't Work for StarkIndustries ★★★★½
*The Best of Life and Asgard ★★★★
*Discussions in Dynamic Relationships ★★★
*Extracurricular Activities ★★★
*Phil Coulson Wasn't Grown in a Lab (He Has a Mom) [wip - reading]
*The Avengers' Calendar [wip - to read]
*Phil Coulson Knows Tony Stark's Super Villain Name ★★★★½
*Diplomatic Relations and Intelligence Failures [to read]
*Over the River and Through the Woods ★★★★½