My Tumblr Fics List

some tumblr fics (some comic/art aus) are just too short, not worth adding, or I've yet to read them so....ficlets, not!fics, various aus of different lengths and fandom will go here.


Teen Wolf

- Sterek:

prompt: tyler hoechlin is a fluffy baby chick by howlnatural

Babysitter Derek and Hot Single Dad Stiles Stilinski by howlnatural (plan to read)

Take Back The Heat trilogy [not!fic] by drunktuesdaze

The Blackmailer and the Baron's Son [not!fic] by drunktuesdaze (plan to read)

Hypothetically by deleted-scenes (plan to read)

prompt: best birthday ever by goddammitstacey & art by maichan808

prompt: Derek doing yoga by goddammitstacey (plan to read)

meeting at a support group au by hales-republic

Sterek AU part 1-2 by hales-republic

Kid!fic by raisesomehale and yomikoda (plan to read)

I know what Dylan O’Brien’s last scene in Teen Wolf will be by dylanhoechlin

HS AU Ficlet by saucefactory (saucery)

IT’S BURGUNDY! NOT RED! (plan to read)

Accidentally werewolf married (plan to read)

It’s not a cliche school AU (plan to read)

Soulmate AU by moretomhardy (plan to read)

Untitled fic (plan to read)

A Not Quite Star Trek AU 

Untitled fic/comic 

Dessert Wolves (plan to read)

Sexy gif related drabble 

Sterek - stiles locks himself out of his apartment

Untitled art related drabble

take me back 

dragons are awesome!!!

Sterek AU where Derek bakes Stiles a birthday cake.


Star Trek:

Human Spock 1 & Human Spock 2 by merlinmagiclovesarthur (plan to read)



- Stucky

The Losers - Hand scene 

Sargent Barnes & Corporal Bucky Bear. Congratulations, Cap! 

- Teamred (OT3)

Washing/CleaningRough Body PlayBody Alteration/Injury (plan to read)

- Phlint

Best Game drabble - New Year’s Eve




- Genos x Saitama:

⚡ Genos by darkeecofreak & art by furaitsu



One Direction

- Nick/Louis

td!louis [not!fic] (to read)

Love at First Slap (skmd-trr)



Random tumblr ficlet tag/s to sort through: